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Recognize your APEX dev, qa and prod environments

Written by Richard Weug. Posted in Tips and Tricks

Here is a very quick entry, mostly to document how I sometimes keep applications in dev and QA (or prod) apart.  Lately I’ve been working with development and QA applications that live in the same workspace and server. Dev would be in one schema and QA in a different one.  Sometimes it’s a little too easy to make a mistake. This simple technique helps me keep my sanity.

In dev I have a watermark that says development. The image below repeats all over the background.  Click here to download.


development.png Right click to save.

// this is for DEV only, and will set a "development" background image
$("body").css("background-image", 'url(wwv_flow_file_mgr.get_file?p_security_group_id=2246505718948672&p_fname=development.png)');
$("#container").css("background-image", 'url(wwv_flow_file_mgr.get_file?p_security_group_id=2246505718948672&p_fname=development.png)');

In qa or prod I make sure the developer toolbar is red.

 // this is for Developers only to make sure we know we're in QA/prod 
 $(function() { $("#apex-dev-toolbar").css("background-color", 'red'); });

How to use it?

The development.png image goes in the workspace images, available to all apps.  I like to place either snippet in the “Global Notification” field for the app.

Global Notification

Why there? I like being able to edit or remove this code from the application without actually changing the app. Plus it’s automatically added to all pages.  When you promote from QA to prod you could actually leave the snippet that changes the toolbar in place since it will only be displayed to developers that log in to the builder.

The end result with the watermark looks like this:

Development Environment

Development Environment

I like that the development image will show up for everybody using the application, not just developers. It also helps when a user forgets or doesn’t realize which system they are using.

The end result for the developer toolbar looks like this:

APEX Developer Toolbar in red

APEX Developer Toolbar in red

Final Note

The selectors for the development image may need to be adjusted to your application. ALL application will have the body tag, that one doesn’t need to change.  However, we will often have too much content on top of it to see the watermark.  That’s why I also add it to the #container  The #container id will work fine for Theme 26 (and other themes).  For Theme 25 you may want to change from #container to #uBodyContainer  Sometimes you’ll need to experiment a little.

The red toolbar technique will also work on APEX 5, but instead of #apex-dev-toolbar use #apexDevToolbar

APEX 5 dev toolbar

APEX 5 (EA) dev toolbar