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I (Richard Weug) started this blog primary for myself to save all kinds of Apex tips and tricks in one place. To use it as a place to write down how I used some coding in my own projects, but also to copy and paste all kinds of articles I find on the Internet. (So I never have to wonder on what website did I read about??? When I see something interesting I collect the content so I have my own archive/knowlegde base.

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Tips & Tricks


APEX: Make a report row clickable in Report

Written by Richard Weug on Thursday, 01 March 2012 09:56. Posted in Tips and Tricks

When you create a "Report with Form", there will be an icon in the report which allows you to navigate to  the form page. Only when the user clicks the icon this navigation will take place. For the current project, this was not what they wanted. They wanted to click on the row instead of just the icon. This can be simply implemented using jQuery. For this example we are going to use a "Report with Form" and modify it as described below.


jQuery in Apex

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 20 February 2012 14:05. Posted in Tips and Tricks

Many developers and organizations are looking for ways to take their Application Express (Apex) applications to the next level. On the client side, one of the best tools available for this purpose is jQuery and jQuery UI. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to how “install” jQuery into your Apex application. Afterward, we’ll demonstrate how to use a jQuery UI widget called Tabs to improve upon a rather cluttered application page. If you’re interested in making your Apex applications better, don’t miss this webinar. See complete video at skillbuilders com / apex.



Branch to procedure/Function return page id

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 13 February 2012 12:12. Posted in Tips and Tricks

There are several "Branche To" options. One of them is the "Branch to procedure", but remember, when you want to use this as a branch to fire up a procedure, that the Apex user will end up on a black screen if you only perform database actions.
You can also use Branch to Function returning page ID. With this branch, you can still execute your procedure and sent after processing, the user to a specific page.

A nice way to do this is maybe setting an application variable F_PAGE_ID.
Create a PL/SQL process that runs before header of the page

content:   select :APP_PAGE_ID into :F_PAGE_ID from dual;

In the branch to function you can now do something like:

return :F_PAGE_ID;




Allow a procedure to be executed from Apex

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 13 February 2012 11:25. Posted in Tips and Tricks

Why won't the procedure execute? This is because Apex won't let you directly execute procedures from within Apex. You have to place these procedures in a special function, so these procedures are allowed to be executed.

Which function to alter?
Connect to the database as SYS
Open the (in my case)  APEX_04000 schema
Load and edit the function APEX_040000.wwv_flow_epg_include_mod_local


Add call to 2 javascript functions in one line

Written by Richard Weug on Friday, 10 February 2012 19:16. Posted in Tips and Tricks

Maybe not to interesting for most people. I did quite some calculations in Javascript in an Apex tabular form, but this does not make me a Javascripting guru yet, so the following is more like an reminder for myself.

How to call two javascript functions from 1 html form element attribute,.... simply by dividing then with an   ; 

The javascript self is entered in the page heading, the call to the function has to be entered in the "Element Attributes"

onBlur="javascript:sumItems(this); berekenAlles(); " style="text-align:right;"</p> <p><img style="margin: 5px; float: right;" src="/images/article_images/javascript.jpg" alt="javascript" width="630" height="222" />