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I (Richard Weug) started this blog primary for myself to save all kinds of Apex tips and tricks in one place. To use it as a place to write down how I used some coding in my own projects, but also to copy and paste all kinds of articles I find on the Internet. (So I never have to wonder on what website did I read about??? When I see something interesting I collect the content so I have my own archive/knowlegde base.

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APEX Authentication Plugin v1.1.0 Public Release

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 11 August 2014 11:21. Posted in Plugins

We’re pleased to announce the V1.1.0 release of the click-click IT Solutions Authentication Plugin for Oracle APEX. This release covers the new Google and Facebook API changes and includes a number of enhancements. You can find out the full list of changes here below.


SkillBuilders Session Timeout Plugin

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 27 February 2012 16:57. Posted in Plugins

I have had this plugin sitting around half-finished for far too long, and with the help of Dan McGhan it is now ready to be released into the wild.

Why Create a Session Timeout Plugin?

Some of you may be asking "Why would someone create a plugin when there is already built in functionality for detecting idle sessions?" Well, the problem arises when the user becomes idle and is unaware that their session is no longer valid. There is a common use case where the user's session becomes idle, but the user is not informed. When the user attempts to interact with the page, AJAX interactions do not work correctly, and when the user finally submits the page they are redirected to login page. That scenario is OK, but I think we can all agree it would be nice to make the user aware of the current status of their session. Before plugins existed, Martin D'Souza created a nice solution to this problem, but it requires some setup. Now that plugins exist the setup can be bundled into one easy to install package.


Directly check the input

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 13 February 2012 13:35. Posted in Plugins

With ApEx 4 we are able to shift a few kinds of validation directly to the items. Some of them are released with ApEx 4 like the “Number Textfield” or the “Value Required” selection box within the item configuration. But there are several other syntax related validations like telephone number, zip code or email addresses. Therefore I wrote a plug in, that validate the value against a Regular Expression and we can move most of the syntax validations to our items and making them responsible for that.

For a better usability, I build a AJAX process in which shows mismatches directly after the changes and not after submitting the page. Since Oracle and JavaScript use different flavors of Regular Expressions I need to implement an AJAX process, that validate against Oracle POSIX Expressions and not to the PERL Expressions, which is used by JavaScript.

Original article: http://www.dinh.de/wordpress/?p=216

download link: Download  |  http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=33751:8