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I (Richard Weug) started this blog primary for myself to save all kinds of Apex tips and tricks in one place. To use it as a place to write down how I used some coding in my own projects, but also to copy and paste all kinds of articles I find on the Internet. (So I never have to wonder on what website did I read about??? When I see something interesting I collect the content so I have my own archive/knowlegde base.

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How to install Cocoon

Written by Richard Weug on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 10:40. Posted in Installation

This article describes how to install Cocoon. With Cocoon you will be able to use FOP as Apex Print Server (so you don't have to use the BI Publisher tool from Oracle). You need Cocoon, Tomcat6 and FOP. Read more about the configuration in this article.


Adding Tooltips to Report

Written by Richard Weug on Tuesday, 18 January 2011 13:13. Posted in Tips and Tricks

There are a number of ways to publish tooltips in your application, many of them much more verbose than they need to be. Some of them implement fairly fancy JavaScript and CSS, but there is a simple way to plug in the default tooltip behaviour into your Apex reports. When you edit your report column attributes, add the following code into the HTML expression.


Create a favicon

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 17 January 2011 12:49. Posted in Tips and Tricks

Probably totally superfluous, but a "favicon" is the little picture that shows up in your browser tab or bookmark list - like the example above. The APEX Page Templates support this nice feature by these two lines in the Header property: