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About This Blog:
I (Richard Weug) started this blog primary for myself to save all kinds of Apex tips and tricks in one place. To use it as a place to write down how I used some coding in my own projects, but also to copy and paste all kinds of articles I find on the Internet. (So I never have to wonder on what website did I read about??? When I see something interesting I collect the content so I have my own archive/knowlegde base.

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Multiple APEX listeners, one Application Server using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)

Written by Richard Weug on Friday, 15 August 2014 23:08. Posted in Installation

Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) gives us the capability us to deploy multiple versions of the APEX listeners to a single Glassfish instance.  This is great for centralizing resources on a single server in our non-production environments.  This short post will show you how quick and painless it is to setup.


APEX: Save a user’s checkbox selection on local PC

Written by Richard Weug on Thursday, 14 August 2014 23:12. Posted in Tips and Tricks

You want a checkbox item on a page which is a preference, you want it to be remembered for the user across login sessions, but you don’t want the overhead of storing it in a database table. You might choose to store the value in a cookie instead. It may be lost (e.g. when the user clears their cookies or changes to a different browser or another computer), but we don’t mind – it’s just a preference.


APEX Dictionary - Comparing two Interactive Reports

Written by Richard Weug on Tuesday, 12 August 2014 23:18. Posted in Tips and Tricks

Recently I again had the requirement to compare two Interactive Reports from different applications.
Using the power of the APEX Dictionary this can be done quite easily.


APEX Authentication Plugin v1.1.0 Public Release

Written by Richard Weug on Monday, 11 August 2014 11:21. Posted in Plugins

We’re pleased to announce the V1.1.0 release of the click-click IT Solutions Authentication Plugin for Oracle APEX. This release covers the new Google and Facebook API changes and includes a number of enhancements. You can find out the full list of changes here below.


Apex Bootstrap theme for download

Written by Richard Weug on Friday, 08 August 2014 23:28. Posted in Template / CSS

The most popular UI framework on the internet now available for APEX!A group of Apex developers have joined hands and developed a free Twitter Bootstrap 3 Apex theme and made it available for everyone who wants to use it.